Email Verification

You can pay for email verification by credits on our site.
1 email verification costs 1 credit

In terms of email verification there is no difference between daily free, monthly and bulk credits. No matter wether you paid for those credits or you get them for free you can use those credits to verify emails:

  • One by one
  • Upload in a file
  • Utilise our API

Single email verification

We only charge you if we can successfully verify an email address.
If the result is Ok, Catch All, Invalid or Disposable we deduct a credit. We do NOT charge for Unknown results and if there is an error during email verification.

Bulk email verification

When you upload a file for email verification we count the number of unique email addresses in your file. We don't charge for duplicates within the same file.
When you start verifying the file we deduct the number of credits required to verify the file. This equals to the number of unique emails in your file.
When the file verification is completed we count the number of Unknown results in the result file and we refund the credits paid for the unknown emails to your account.

Credit log

HuBuCo is the only email verifier providing a detailed log of credit changes.
You can follow your credit changes here:

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