Bulk credits can be used to verify emails. You can verify emails:

  • one by one
  • uploading them in a file
  • integrate our API

Advantage of bulk credits:

  • They never expire. You can use the bulk credits whenever you want.
  • The more credits you buy the less it costs per credit.

How can I buy bulk credits?

You can purchase bulk credits on this page: https://app.hubuco.com/topup

You can either select from one of our bulk credit packs, or you can simply enter how many credits you need.

You may have some promotions running. In the right top corner you can see a box. In this box you can see any active promotions for you.
You may see one of the following promotions:

  • HuBuCo Loyalty Discount: This is an evergreen promotion. The more credits you purchase the more discount you will get an any future purchases.
  • Discount and extra credits: from time to time we may run promotions for a limited period of time. Before the promotion expires you can take advantage of them.

When you purchase some bulk credits, you will automatically get the discounts and extra free credits.

How to buy different number of credits?

When you scroll down on this page: https://app.hubuco.com/topup at the bottom of the page there is a section to enter any number of credits.

When you enter in this field the number of bulk credits you want to purchase, on the right hand side you can see in the box how much it will cost.


When you click on the green buy credits button you will be taken to the checkout.

On the left side you can see the details of your payment.
Below that you can read our terms of use. 

On the right side you can make a payment by card or using PayPal. For either payment methods you are required to confirm that you have read our terms of use. 

Upon successful payment we will add your credits to your account automatically.
Can can find your invoice on this page: https://app.hubuco.com/invoices
Can can follow and download your credit changes on this page: https://app.hubuco.com/topup/history

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