Upload your email lists to HuBuCo for verification

If you have an email list that you would like to verify, you can simply upload into our system for verification. You can upload your contacts in a TXT, CSV or XLSX file.

1)    Get your email list ready

You can upload your emails in a CSV, XLSX or TXT file for email verification.


We only require email addresses for email verification, but you can have additional data columns (name, address), they will be included in your results file. Make sure all your emails are in the same column.

You can create a CSV file using e.g. MS Excel, a text editor, Pages on Mac or use Google Sheets. To create an XLSX file please use MS Excel.

You can download an example CSV file here: Download example CSV file


You cannot include additional data in txt files. You must have 1 email address per line.

2)    Upload your file for email verification

  1. Log in to your HuBuCo account.
  2. Click on "Choose File", select your file, and click on the green button "Upload File".
  3. The site will display the number of credits required for email verification, you need to click on "Start Verifying Now!" to start verification.

The number of credits required for email verification is based on the number of unique emails found in your file. We will not charge you for duplicates. We recommend to keep all your email addresses in the same column, if multiple columns are found with email addresses, the first column from the left will be the only email column we verify. Our system automatically detects your email column, you don't need to have a header row.

If you need to purchase credits for email verification, you have 2 options.

  1. Start a monthly plan: https://app.hubuco.com/subscribe You can cancel, upgrade or downgrade your plan any time. If you already have a plan, but you don't have enough credits, upgrade for a larger plan.
  2. Purchase bulk credits: https://app.hubuco.com/topup You can purchase any number of credits. You can select from 6 credit packs or you can enter any number of credits you need. Bulk credits never expire.

3)    Wait until verification is completed

HuBuCo offers the fastest email verification service on the market, your results will be ready soon.

If you have any greylisted emails in your file, we will automatically re-verify them. This re-verification process can take up to 30 mins, therefor even a small file can take (in theory) up to 30 minutes to complete (usually less).

If you need to leave, you can close the window or log out, verification will continue. When you come back, log in and your file will be accessible on the same page where you uploaded.

If you don't want to wait until re-verification is completed, you can click on the red "Stop Verification" button, and your already verified emails will be available for download in less than a minute.

4)    Download your results

When you file is completed there will be a green button under your result summary, called: “Download Results”. There are 3 reports available: OK only, OK & Catch All and the Full Report.

  1. OK only: This file contains your OK email addresses only. They are safe to send.
  2. OK & Catch All: This file contains all emails that had an OK or Catch all result.
  3. Full Report: This file contains all email addresses and their results.

You can learn about our results on our results page.

The result files are in standard CSV file format. CSV files are comma delimited files, where the values are separated by commas. All values are enclosed within double-quote characters, this is to ensure the file columns remain at the right position, even if there is a comma in one of the value fields (e.g. address filed).

5)    Delete your file

For data protection reasons we automatically and permanently delete all files and results after 2 months. If you would like to delete your file earlier than that, just click on the red button called “Delete File”. Please note when a file is deleted, it is permanently erased from our servers and is no longer recoverable. Make sure you save a copy of the results for yourself.

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