Email Verification Results on HuBuCo

When using HuBuCo online email verification there are 5 main results: Ok, Catch all, Unknown, Invalid and Disposable. 

Here you can find what these result codes mean and which ones you can send an email to.

OK: the email address exists and is safe to send emails to.

Catch all: the email server has been set to receive all emails whether email address exists or not. Emails sent to ‘catch all’s might be delivered to a different email address, or might not be read at all. Additionally, in some cases emails sent to catch all domains might bounce. Many businesses use catch all servers. If you only want to send emails to 100% existing email addresses you may not want to use catch all. However, if your goal is to maximise conversion you may want to send an email to catch all email addresses too.

Unknown: our system could not determine whether the email address exists or not. In these cases, we double check and refund any credits used for checking ‘unknown’ addresses.

Invalid: the email address does not exist or the email server is not available. Do NOT send emails to invalid addresses because it may ruin your email sending reputation.

Disposable: the email address is a temporary email. Do NOT send emails to disposable addresses.

Free and Role Emails

Other than identifying if an email address exists we also highlight which email addresses are role based emails and which ones are hosted on free email servers.

Free: indicates that the email address is registered with a free email service provider, e.g. Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo. 

Role: indicates that the email addresses is not directly related to a person but rather a role, e.g. sales@, admin@ or support@.

Which email addresses should I NOT email?

Do not send an email to invalid or disposable email addresses. They will damage your email reputation. You also should consider whether to send marketing emails to role email addresses and they are more likely to mark your email as a spam. Many email marketing tools prohibit uploading role email addresses into their system. 

Which email addresses should I email?

OK emails are safe to send. If email delivery and inbox rates are very important for you, send emails to OK email addresses only.

Generally saying Catch All and Unknown emails are more likely to be existing emails than invalid.

  • If these subscribers have just subscribed to your email list, I suggest you send them an email.
  • If these subscribers are on one of your old lists, and you haven’t sent them an email in the past 3 months, I suggest you don’t send them an email, as they might bounce back.

Be aware that unknown emails are more likely to soft bounce than other emails. If your goal is to maximise conversion rate you may want to email catch all and unknown emails too.

99%+ Email Delivery Rate, Guaranteed

Email verification is only an aspect of delivering all your emails. To deliver all your emails you need to read my article on how to reduce email bounce rate in 6 easy steps. This article will show you a bulletproof strategy, and explain step by step how you can finally become bounce free. Please read the article, comment if you have any questions, share if you liked it, and most importantly follow, so you have 99%+ email delivery rate.

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