The Fastest Real Time Email Verifier API On The Market

HuBuCo's Rocket Plan is specially designed for API users. Rocket Plan users get access to the World's fastest email verification API. You can verify an email in less than a second, and you can display the results in real time to your users / subscribers.

Low Prices For Monthly Plans

HuBuCo offers unique monthly subscription plans, that are ideal for API users. HuBuCo is proud to offer these monthly plans much lower than the average on the market. Find HuBuCo prices here: email verification prices

You can change your plan at any time, as well as cancel without any cancellation fees. Read more about how our monthly plans work.

How To Integrate HuBuCo's Real Time API?

If you have not created a HuBuCo account, you can create one for free here: With our free account you can verify 100 emails for free every day.

Your HuBuCo API Key

If you have a HuBuCo account you can find your API credentials on this page: You API key is unique, and you will use this to identify yourself during an API call.

Sample Codes (PHP, Node-js, Python, Bash, Go) on GitHub

Example codes available on GitHub on how to use HuBuCo's real time api.

PHP, Node-js, Python, Bash, Go

Make Your First API Call

To make an API call you need to send details to the following link:

You also need to send at least 2 variables:

  • email: the email address you want to verify
  • api: your unique API key

A third variable is optional and is only available for Rocket Plan users.

  • timeout: set the maximum length of connection in seconds (2 to 20 secs)

On the page you will find the above link and your api key. You will also find an example link, including your email address and your api key. If you click on the link, it open a new tab, and will verify your email address and show results in json format.

Email Verification API Results

Results are displayed in json format. They look like this:

{    "email": "",    "result": "invalid",    "resultcode": 6,    "subresult": "no_mailbox",    "free": true,    "role": true,    "didyoumean": "",    "system": "rocket",    "executiontime": 139,    "error": "" }

  • email: the email address you had tested
  • result: ok, catch_all, unknown, error, disposable, invalid
  • resultcode: 1 for ok, 2 for catch_all, 3 for unknown, 4 for error, 5 for disposable, 6 for invalid
  • subresult: e.g. no_mailbox, mailbox_full, greylisted, invalid_syntax, dns_error, unknown, anti_spam_system ... 
  • free: if true it indicates the email service is a free email service, like Gmail, Hotmail...
  • role: if true it indicates the email address is not directly linked to a person but a role, like sales, support...
  • didyoumean: if the email address appears to be a typo, we suggest a possibly existing email address
  • excecutiontime: time in milliseconds who long the query took
  • system: rocket / normal / limited
  • error: (if result was error) describes why the query failed,- apikey not found- Call limit exceeded for user- Insufficient credits

How To Use The Results Provided?

For each result you can find a result code. Using the result codes, it's the easiest to integrate our API.

In real time email verification, I recommend, you can send emails to Ok, Catch All, Unknown emails, and in case there was a temporary error you can still accept that mail. Using HuBuCo's email verification system you can achieve 99%+ email delivery rate.

You should never send an email to invalid or disposable email addresses.

You can send email to those email addresses, that have a lower result code than 5.

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